Statistics have it that approximately 80% of internet users sure the internet from mobile devices while the remaining percentage of users make use of other devices. This tells us the level of acceptance mobile phones have in the world today and if we take a closer look at the mobile technology world, there are lot of improvements being made in it. There are so much to appreciate in the use of mobile phones as it is already and more improvements are still going to be made on it. In order to take advantage of this ever rising level in the use of mobile phone, EXENOX plans to build mobile smartphones that have the capability of mining and performing both basic and advance blockchain transactions.


No one would have thought that this generation would be introduced to a blockchain integrated smartphone which Exenox has brought. This is a very unique type of mobile smartphones made to be capable of many blockchain processes such that the use goes beyond what the regular phones can do to one that supports users activities with cryptocurrencies. It is more like a new brand of phone, made smarter and useful for users who dream to optimize their digital investment world.

This platform has the following aims as its core;

First, it was made to be the latest improvement in smart phone creation that supports mining programs.

The team had the intention of creating a platform where all users can be connected globally through mobile phones like this.

Exenox also existed to fulfill the demand for large scale blockchain integration, to promote the growth of the mobile industry and to build a very powerful ecosystem with no limitations.

Exenox is the first type of mobile phone to be integrated with the digital ledger. It provides necessary features and great values for the customers to always be satisfied with the type of services they are provided. Also, great customer’s products with top notch quality exist as its top features which are way past the existing features of phones already known.

This platform provide mining functionality with the tokens. The EXENOX tokens can he purchased online, mined just like any other token and can be used for any form of transaction. Users can earn rewards as they mine from their mobile phones or other devices. Users who mine from the EXENOX smartphone are definitely in for greater rewards than others mining from a non Exenox smartphone.

The mining feature will be made available for all iOS users and Android users in the ecosystem and all would earn rewards from the activity.


The primary aim of Exenox is not just to foster blockchain integration alone, but to do that with ease and rewards following such that users become very proud to be a beneficiary of the digital world whilst still enjoying the luxury of their mobile devices which grants them access. Exenox has great security provision and inbuilt apps to offer customers a great level of satisfaction in the ecosystem.

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Author: Smartkeok